Summary of Board Meeting



Date:                August 17, 2008


Place:               China Garden Dim Sum Seafood Restaurant

14825 Jeffrey Rd., Irvine, CA 92604


Attendance:      8 directors attended the meeting:


(1)   CHANG Daniel “Hai-ming”,

(2)   CHEN Kevin,

(3)   LAO Larry,

(4)   LI Weiming,

(5)   YANG Hui,

(6)   YE Lin,

(7)   YEH Watson,

(8)   ZHANG Feiman,


3 directors reported “unavailable” on the day:


(1)   HUANG Chris,

(2)   LU Jenny,

(3)   YUAN Edward,


9 of our 20 board directors did not show for this meeting.




1.      Work in progress:


Our organization registration is on its way. It should be done smoothly.


2.      Routine activities:


(1)   Sport and games, and travel, such as, badminton.

(2)   Dynamic website articles or paper columns, such as, sport and game, travel, mother’s diary, and memorial photography.

(3)   The website will be constantly updated on our activities. But we need to further point the column hosts.


3.      Activities this year:


(1)   Opening ceremony of our SCUTAlumni Association by the end of this year – LI Weiming and ZHANG Feiman will initiate the game plan of public badminton competition.

(2)   Social Party with Guangzhou Hometown Society.


4.      Raising and collecting the fund, and recording the expenses and account balance.


(1)   Daniel “Hai-ming” & Caili Chang will commit a donation of $ 3,000. Hopefully it may help to motivate/encourage others to follow and to donate more to our association.

(2)   Kevin’s work for our organization should be counted as part of the donation.


5.      Membership: We should have a target to meet within a certain period of time. We also need to appoint our members to drive the membership.


6.      Under our non-profit organization with tax-free benefit, some of the members may form an investment group under this association. So far we do not come to any agreement on this.